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5 September 2018: IpLib V2.10.1
Starting with add support for IPv6. Localhost (::1) is working.

5 September 2018: StringLib V2.10.1
Fix a small bug in function ismatchingpattern.

3 September 2018: LogHandler V0.1
A small library to ease debugging, outputs to a file. Used in examples and the tutorials. This will eventually supercede the existing LogManager.



You can find here the compiled libraries as an zip archive or the source for compile it for your own.
To use the library extract that archive into the c:\SIMPOL\lib folder

05-09-2018: IPLib V2.10.1 Library Source
05-09-2018: StringLib V2.10.1 Library Source
03-09-2018: LogHandler V0.1 Library Source