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Superbase NG is the latest evolution of Superbase, incorporating 35 years of database management experience into one AMAZING product!

SUPERBASE NG is a software suite that provides you with the tools to quickly and easily create stand-alone PC, local network, and real-time multi-site data-driven applications using our PPCS data server.

Our Products

Superbase NG

Superbase NG Personal

What is Superbase NG?

Superbase NG is our most comprehensive product. Containing all of the components required to build and debug comprehensive desktop applications, server programs, and web applications to suit your needs!

Superbase NG is also available free for non-commercial use, providing all the same tools as SB-NG but limiting you to 1 database per installation. Upgrading to the full version and multi-user database engine is possible at any time.

Superbase NG Applications can be run without change on Linux, as well as Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions, from Windows XP onwards.

Releases are currently being planned for various Linux-based devices including the Raspberry Pi as well as Android-based devices


  • Full Superbase NG IDE
  • Full Superbase NG Personal
  • 1 Database Limit
  • Classic Conversion Tools
  • Startup Documentation

New Users

For New Users, we have a range of start guides, and tutorials to help you on your journey, as well as a forum dedicated to Superbase NG for community help and feedback. More tutorials and start guides coming as we write them.

Old School

If you’re already experienced with Superbase Classic we are happy to assist you in the conversion of any existing programs you may have, and offer 1 on 1 teaching to help you get up and running quickly.


Works with your existing workflow

We understand that you have existing workflows and we have built in API options so Superbase NG can integrate into your existing system with ease meaning no costly downtime.

the power of scaling

Scalability is not an issue, millions of records can be stored in our lightweight framework and accessed quickly through the PPCS API at any time from anywhere.

coding out of the box

Rapid Development is key to prototyping and with Superbase Personal and the inbuilt appframework you can quickly create frameworks to build your applications on.

Multi-User Database Engine

The SIMPOL Multi-User Database Engine is a powerful and high-speed database engine that can be run on Linux and Windows. For each deployment location using the multi-user database capabilities of Superbase NG, a separate license is required.

Licenses are available in a variety of packages to best suite your needs. Contact our sales team for more information and pricing sa***@**perbase.com.

Re-distribution of single-user applications built using Superbase NG does not require a runtime license. For multi-user applications, a license for the Superbase PPCS Multi-User Database Engine is needed.



To purchase upgrades email our

Superbase Classic (Legacy)

The following products are all part of the older Win16 Superbase Classic line, these will NOT run on 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Superbase Classic

One of the finest RAD tools around, Superbase Classic is an outstanding development platform that contains its own database and access to the world’s first peer-to-peer client/server (PPCS) technology. The new tool, SuperView, offers unlimited selections of fields that one can mine, visualise and display. More…

Superbase Personal Classic Edition

Superbase Personal Classic Edition contains all the great features of Superbase Classic but does not allow the creation of programs. It can, however, run programs written with Superbase and as such is a great way to provide the Form Designer and Report Designer to end-users of an application.

Superbase 32-bit ODBC Driver

The Superbase ODBC driver provides a method whereby external applications can access Superbase databases using the ODBC access method. Although not as fast or efficient as built-in access, this is the next best thing. Please note that this driver does not work on a 64-bit system.