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Superbase Classic

For our Next Generation 64-bit compatible product check out the Superbase NG page

Designed for those who are more concerned about techniques than technology. Superbase Classic is the world’s first relational database that comes with our unique Peer-to-Peer Client/Server (PPCS) technology.

The product offers developers the opportunity to produce complete data management solutions regardless of their size.

Superbase Classic helps the developer to produce reliable high performance data management solutions by providing the following key features:

  • A built-in high-performance database engine
  • PPCS technology that enables applications to share data and files between multiple clients and multiple servers.
  • SuperView, which allows mining and visualisation of data.

The ease of use you expect from a Superbase product PPCS technology offers the following advantages:

  • Since both the client and the server are integrated into Superbase Classic only one version of the software is needed, thus alleviating the need for two different software products.
  • A client can connect to an unlimited number of servers and concurrently access all the databases and applications that exist on all the connected servers.
  • A client can also be a server and a server can also be a client concurrently.

PPCS supports connectivity via the serial port, NetBios and UDP/IP.

The latter of these makes it possible to write applications that effectively make the Internet an extension of your local LAN!

Please be fully aware ALL legacy Superbase products have no or minimal support and will NOT run on 64bit Windows.

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