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Superbase Next Generation (NG)

Superbase NG is our most up to date and comprehensive product. Containing all the components required for building and debugging web server applications, pure server programs and desktop applications. The resulting applications can be deployed on Windows and Linux, with more platforms planned. Web server applications can be designed as standalone systems or integrated into desktop applications that can be produced with the same toolset.

What's Included?

  • Superbase NG Development Environment

    A fully fledged IDE to help you get the best out of Superbase NG, with code completion, inbuilt module management and automatic project reporting all in one simple program

  • Superbase NG Personal

    Our own Rapid Development Tool allowing you to create Forms, Databases and Reports all in one simple to use GUI interface. View records both locally and on the server, and import and export using standard XML, CSV and ASCII allowing easy transferring from any other applications

  • Superbase NG Database Engine

    Our powerful and high-speed database engine that can be run on Linux and Windows. 1 Database Limit for free version, and 3 Database Limit included in Professional, more users available on request

As well as access to various guides, tutorials, and sample projects
And full featured component libraries for:

  • TCP/IP (client and server)
  • Web server libraries for CGI, ISAPI, and FastCGI
  • GUI components (using wxWidgets)
  • XML Document Object Model library supporting Core Level 2 and some of Level 3
  • Library for calling external library functions
  • Native OS Library with support for files and directories
  • Allowing external application to call functions


  • Full Superbase NG IDE
  • Full Superbase NG Personal
  • 1 Database Limit
  • Classic Conversion Tools
  • Startup Documentation


Export Restrictions

As far as we can determine, Superbase NG does not fall under any export restrictions. That is not to say that it would be impossible to produce a program using Superbase NG that would be subject to export restrictions, however, Superbase NG is a general-purpose development tool kit, and is not itself restricted.

For more information about Superbase NG’s SIMPOL programming language and tools, see the dedicated SIMPOL web site.