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Superbase Software Limited chose to make its flagship product, Superbase Next Generation (NG) available for non-commercial use with a goal of providing a tool for people to use that would let them create solutions for their own personal use and to learn about programming using a powerful set of tools.

Definition of Non-Commercial

The Creative Commons web site provides a significant amount of guidance on what is classified as commercial use. This can be summarized as:

“A commercial use is one primarily intended for commercial advantage or monetary compensation.”

For the purposes of our Non-Commercial Use version of Superbase NG, the short form of our definition of commercial use is similar to that of Microsoft, “If you make money with our product, so should we.”

Therefore, commercial use is when anyone:

  1. Charges a fee for something created with or based on our development tools.
  2. Sells a service based on a product created with our tools.

Here are some examples of non-commercial use:

  1. You use Superbase NG to create a database and associated program code to catalog your books, CDs, DVDs, etc.
  2. You give away the program you created above to anyone who wants it.
  3. You are part of a local tennis club and you manage your amateur team’s practices and competitions with a program you built in Superbase NG.
  4. You use Superbase NG to create a program and database to organize a charity fun run and manage the participants and charitable contributions.

These are examples of commercial use:

  1. You take the home books, CDs, and DVDs, etc. program and turn it into something anyone can use and you sell it.
  2. You design a program to automate some business process at work.
  3. You write a book based on the tools and sell it.
  4. You sell classes in programming with Superbase NG.
  5. You create a dynamic web site using the tools to generate content and sell advertising.

If you are in any doubt whether your use is commercial or not, please contact us.