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Superbase Classic New Features

The following are new features added to Superbase Classic since the release of Superbase 2001.

Add-Ons can now be added to the menu at start time

It is now possible to create add-ons that appear at the bottom of the Program menu and which are loaded when Superbase starts. This is only supported for the full Superbase product and Superbase Personal. Add-ons are normally written in SBL and the effect is as if the program has been RUN (clears any other program from memory and loads and runs the selected program).

To integrate an add-on into the Program menu, the [AddOns] section must be added to the SB30.INI if it is not already present and for each add-on a line must be inserted according to the following pattern:

AddOn1=&My Proggy,c:\myprogs\myaddon.sbp

The parameter before the comma shows what text will be used for the item on the menu and the parameter after the comma must be the path name of the Superbase program file that will be run when the menu item is selected. There can be a maximum of 8 add ons at any one time on the menu. They can be numbered from 1 through 99, but only the first 8 found will be used.


SuperView is a data mining and analysis tool that is completely implemented in SBL, which is provided to owners of Superbase Classic. It is available separately for owners of Superbase Personal. It is not a redistributable component of the Superbase Runtime System. There is a complete handbook for SuperView included in the online documentation. In addition to its data mining and analysis capabilities that will provide a great deal of information about existing data, it can also be used for data cleaning, managing subgroups of data, and using selection sets for various tasks, such as mail merge, labels, and running existing reports.