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Superbase Version Comparison

The following comparison table shows the significant features of each release of Superbase.

Superbase Feature Upgrades 3.0/95 3.2 3.5 3.6i 2001 Classic
…since version 2.0 and earlier December 1994 September 1997 August 1998 March 1999 August 2001 August 2003
Upgraded Forms & Reports
Object oriented SBL
Generate object code automatically
Full SBL Reference online
Object Properties Dialog Box
Dialog Editor Enhancements
Program Editor Enhancements
Menu Item Application help
Form Builder
Report Builder
checktab Reports
List & Combo Boxes on Forms
Outer Joins in Reports
Report Designer
Electronic Mail
Transparent SQL Access
Improved Import/Export
Image Support
Multiple Document Interface MDI
Icons & Toolbars
Pre-defined File Templates
Command Line Editor
DiskFile Objects
Rotatable TextBox Objects
Document Window
File Level Encryption
Huge Integer Object
Image Filters
International Language Support
Volatile Files
Border Style
CSV Converter
HTML Convertor
Date & Time Field Enhancements
Euro Symbol support
File Engine Check & Repair
Long File names
Oracle SQL Connector
Split Window Mode
Peer-To-Peer Client/Server (PPCS)
Graphic Report enhancement
Remote File connectivity
Multiple Language support
Improved Form Scaling
Win32 DLLs
Multiple Arguments
Enhanced Encryption
Enhanced Graphic Reports
Start Window options
New Sort orders
Program Editor Enhancements
Project Manager
Scientific Features
XML Import & Export
Win32 Help Support
Supports SBL Add-Ins
SuperView Data Mining Tool