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We are constantly improving, and updating, the easiest way for us to give you new features and fixes is using the included libraries. Simply extract the downloaded file to your \SIMPOL\lib folder and continue where you left off

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6 December 2019: json V2.99
Fix bug during the parsing of UTF-8 char in a string

2 September 2019: UIsyshelp V2.99
Added multiline support for getuserinput, and changed tab order for getdate

12 April 2019: QuickReportLib V2.10.1
Small fixes

11 January 2019: SessionID2 V2.99
Create session id works also for ipv6

5 January 2019: CryptLib V2.99
Update Linux library to use

5 September 2018: IpLib V2.10.1
Starting adding support for IPv6. Localhost (::1) now works.

5 September 2018: StringLib V2.10.1
Fixed a small bug in function ismatchingpattern.

3 September 2018: LogHandler V0.1
A small library to ease debugging, outputs to a file. Used in examples and the tutorials. This will eventually supercede the existing LogManager.



These are the compiled libraries as a zip archive. To use the library extract the archive into the C:\SIMPOL\lib folder.

06-12-2019: json V2.99 Library
02-09-2019: UISysHelp V2.99 Library
12-04-2019: QuickReportLib V2.10.1 Library
05-01-2019: SessionID2 V2.99 Library
05-01-2019: CryptLib V2.99 Library
05-09-2018: IPLib V2.10.1 Library
05-09-2018: StringLib V2.10.1 Library
03-09-2018: LogHandler V0.1 Library