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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have Superbase Classic, how do I migrate to 64-bit?

Unfortunately Superbase Classic is built in 16-bit so it is not directly possible to use your programs on newer operating systems, however we have built converters for any databases and forms you’ve painstakingly built to make the transition to the Next Generation as seamless as possible

What do I need to distribute Superbase NG applications?

The professional version of Superbase NG comes with all the necessary .DLL required for redistribution, but for .exe creation you will need to contact us

Why bother building a new desktop database, isn’t the age of desktop databases over?

Some people will try to tell you that desktop databases together with development tools have passed their sell-by date. That they no longer make sense because today all development is done by highly-trained professionals. We believe these people are wrong!

We think there is still a huge sector of the market that is not serviced by these “well-trained professionals”, and additionally is poorly served by the current array of available tools. We firmly believe there is still a market for a useful desktop database and development system, especially one that will allow companies to future-proof their investment by ensuring the applications produced will work natively on multiple operating systems.

You say Superbase NG is cross-platform. Which platforms do you support?

Currently we support Win32 and Linux on Intel x86. We are planning to also support native Win64, Mac OS-X.

The SIMPOL language, database, and other components are written to be cross-platform by design, so if a customer needs support for another platform, it should be possible to add support in the future. The OS-dependent portions of Superbase NG are small and clearly separated from the rest so porting to x OS can be organized if required.

What is so special about Superbase NG, why shouldn’t I use Java or C# or VB.NET or…?

Simply put, we think that these alternatives do not have a complete database software package. Java has no native database interface and tends to not look native on most platforms. C# and VB.NET are both Windows-specific languages, and although attempts are being made to port these to Linux, this support will never be 1st party.
Since Superbase NG is built for databases we can include native support for data-aware forms and other database-specific tools.
This, combined with the ability to call external library functions with Superbase NG means there is no limit to what you can do!