SIMPOL Professional v1.7 Released

SIMPOL Limited is pleased to announce that SIMPOL Professional v1.7 has now been released. The demo and the full installer have been updated, as have the online versions of the documentation. For those of you who already own SIMPOL Professional, the download is ready. Here are some of the highlights of this release: SIMPOL Personal … Read more

The 2nd Quarterly Release of Simpol Professional is Uploaded

The latest release of the SIMPOL Professional product was uploaded on the 28th of September and can be downloaded and installed by all owners of the SIMPOL Professional release product. The primary changes to the product include the new SIMPOL Quick Start Guide, a database conversion tool for migrating Superbase databases quickly to SIMPOL format, … Read more

SIMPOL Professional Pre-Release 4f Uploaded

Several new features and a host of stability and functionality improvements are part of the latest release of the SIMPOL Professional, now in version Pre-Release 4f. This is a major release. The previous releases of SIMPOL Desktop (Personal) and the multi-user database component will have timed out by the end of January 2008 so get … Read more

SIMPOL Professional Pre-Release 4c Uploaded

The SIMPOL development team is happy to announce the release of the SIMPOL Developer Kit Pre-Release 4c. This is a major release and contains numerous improvements over the previous version, as well as a number of new pieces of functionality, among others interactive database table creation, the new printing architecture, and a number of new … Read more

RealBasics is Now Using the New PPSR Component for Production Databases

After significant testing and fine adjustment, we have now switched to using the new database engine for our production databases on the web site. These are running using the Linux components and hosted on a Linux server. Also the test CGI programs are now running using the new database engine.