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Superbase NG 2.10 Released

Superbase Software Limited is pleased to announce that Superbase NG 2.10 has been released. This release contains numerous new features, with a new system function in the core SIMPOL language DLL, new events in the SMWXWN32.DLL (GUI components) for the wxformgrid type and a new wxformgauge type that uses the native gauge control, and numerous bug fixes, updates and improvements to the language and to Superbase NG Personal.

For the full details of what has changed, see the release notes. For ongoing updates and occasional tips and tricks, check out the development blog. The download links have been updated, so to access the release just log into your account page and click on the download link for setup-sbng-2.10.exe.

24/02/2020 Edit: This will be the final stable release until we start version 3.0 beta testing, there are already updates to various libraries to v2.99 available on our download page