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Superbase NG 2.06 Released

Superbase Software Limited is pleased to announce that Superbase NG 2.06 has been released. This is primarily a bug fix release that also contains a fix for code pages that are not 850 for PPCS access. The areas that were primarily affected have to do with improvements in Superbase NG Personal, as well as some changes to the libraries, especially the code that handles copying and pasting controls to display and print forms and graphic reports.
For the full details of what has changed, see the release notes. For ongoing updates and occasional tips and tricks, check out the development blog. The download links have been updated, so to access the release just log into your account page and click on the download link for setup-sbng-2.06.exe. If you haven’t yet purchased Superbase NG and you still have time left on your demo registration code, the link for the demo installer has also been updated in your account page.