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Bug, Samples and Licensing

Happy 2021!

We’ve got a lot of plans for this next year and to make sure that everything goes smoothly and we can get as much useful feedback as possible we’ve got a bunch of announcements to start the year off!


We’ve set up a new website where we will host future samples and tutorials: The primary goal of this service is to provide a centralised location for users both old and new to download samples for their own personal use. This service will slowly get integrated into the existing library of tutorials and samples to become the one-stop-shop for learning SIMPOL. This service will also allow you to create a guest account and use the full capabilities of git to suggest changes to the sample projects, report bugs in them, and generally become a more active part of the SIMPOL developer community.

Bug Reports

As we are planning to launch version 3.0 into Alpha and Beta we will be making full use of the Gitlab Service Desk functionality to allow bug reports, feature requests, and any other comments to be sent directly to the development team both through a form here on and through a direct email address we will give to future Alpha and Beta testers. This will mean a direct connection between yourself and the development team allowing you as users and customers to help shape the future of our products.


For our more business-oriented customers, we will be launching a new licensing platform to allow for better and more in-depth control of your costs and allow you to control where and when people are using your Superbase NG products. More information will become available as this service is developed, and will eventually come to Free for Non-commercial users. We are also looking at the idea of making this available as a paid service for customers using Superbase NG to sell commercial software to license out their software