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WxWidgets 3 and a Core Update

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The initial beta versions of Superbase: Next Generation 3.0 (due for release in the fall of 2021) will focus primarily on stability, and on ensuring the transition to wxWidgets 3.0.5 is as smooth as possible for you, our users. Once this has been achieved we will start working to add more components to Superbase from wxWidgets 3.0.x such as Hyperlink Texts, Command Buttons, Dynamic Wizards, and better text entry.

Our next goal will be to integrate the wxAUI component into SBNG, allowing for a more contemporary, advanced and user-friendly UI to come to Superbase Personal and beyond. This is a long term goal so may not be fully ready until SBNG 3.1.

cURL is Coming!

curl library logo

cURL is an industry-standard way of interfacing with the modern web. With Superbase NG 3.0 we’re adding a new cURL component and library to bring lots of new features to Superbase NG. This new cURL component will allow better access to API’s, as well as improving the integration of SBNG into your web-based workflows. Finally, cURL will enable much-improved mail sending capability, which will be integrated into NG Personal to allow the easy sharing of information.

Updates to the Server Utility

Alongside these big changes, we will be adding lots of new smaller features. The SIMPOL server utility will feature settable automatic timed backups, an improved slimmed-down design and additional useability improvements that will make it easier to deploy to your customers and update settings without delving into the config file itself.