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Release of cURL and libcrypt

Part of our ongoing effort to improve Superbase over time is the addition of new modules, meet two of our latest additions: libcurl and libcrypt. cURL is an industry-standard way of communicating with the web, and libcrypt is a general-purpose cryptographic library.

We’ve been working on these components and their libraries over the last few months internally, and have decided it is now a good time to release them publicly for all of our customers to take full advantage of.


libCurl comes with a range of functions implemented, these focus primarily on improving and upgrading email functionality. Although these changes are mostly behind the scenes it means Superbase can now be used to send fully encoded HTML emails for marketing or whatever your company requires during day to day operation. The other functions provided with libCurl will finally allow for standard HTTPS communication with the APIs that control modern business


This is primarily part of our WebBackend Project as it is used there to encrypt passwords, allowing for better more secure web applications giving you better security and ensuring your customers can put their trust in you. We will also work on adding more security features as the year progress.

How to Install

Installation instructions for both of these can be in their README files

  1. Download the .zip files
  2. Extract these files
  3. Move any .dll files to SIMPOL/bin
  4. Move the .sml files into SIMPOL/lib