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Updated Product Lineup

In line with the upcoming release of SBNG 3.0 with our new core and widgets 3.0.x support we will be changing our current product lineup to become better, and more agile.

New Core and IDE Plugin

Our old IDE will be phased out and we will be creating a plugin for Visual Studio Code (more information later) that will be capable of everything that a Superbase NG programmer could need. Including the full building, running, and debugging of programs, web applications and applications, and all the benefits that come with the extensive VS Code Plugins.

Once the plugin has reached feature parity we will be able to introduce more features into the IDE

Personal and Personal Plus

The extensive functionality of Personal will continue to be able for free, with lots of bug fixes and feature improvements we’ve been working on over the last year, but we will also be adding a new paid version: “Personal Plus” with additional programming features, easier project maintenance, and more customizability. Allowing you to create basic programs entirely within Personal Plus with no additional coding required from your side.

We will also be working on lots more speed and stability updates with updates coming every quarter!

PPCS Server

Our PPCS Server will be getting some small updates for additional customizability and daily backups along with a new Licensing system to allow for easier server deployment!