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Windows 11 and Superbase Classic

With the recent arrival of Windows 11 and Microsoft abandoning 32-bit we have now reached the end of Superbase Classic support of all forms. This means that any company still using Superbase Classic, or previous should contact us as soon as possible so we can chat about upgrading you and starting you on the journey to the Next Generation of Superbase. This will allow you to keep all of your historic data and means you have access to the newest innovations that Superbase has.

Superbase Classic was the final version of a great line of Database Management Systems from the 1980s Superbase was a dominant force in the market, culminating in the release of Superbase Classic in 2003. Work started on Superbase Next Generation (SIMPOL Professional) to continue this great legacy into 64-bit windows. With this news, we say goodbye to the final 16-bit support that allowed Classic to continue.

We have decided to offer a service where we can convert your SBF, and SBD files, into both our SBM as well as CSV format, with additional formats available for a fee. The baseline price for this service will be £50 for 5 Files, with each additional file costing £5 and additional per file discounts for large commercial orders.

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