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An Updated Server Design

The PPSR Server GUI has been unchanged for a long time now however, with SBNG 3.0 we will be releasing an update to the Server GUI, as well as adding some much-needed functionality with an automatic backup (thanks to Ian Macpherson) and a brand new GUI Settings page.

The initial page of the server application will look somewhat familiar, but the buttons have all been moved to the bottom of the page, and the open PPCS Tables are now on the left-hand side of the application. The right-hand side now has a series of settings that can be changed visually as opposed to having to be changed in the INI file.

Updated Server GUI

This GUI has grown significantly from the previous version but we have created an additional more “compact” view that can be shrunk and grown allowing for the GUI to be used on smaller screens and when you only want the necessary information.

The new compact form

Finally, we will add both a menu and a status bar to the application. The menu will allow for quicker control of the server, the status bar will show the status of the server as well as the server uptime, to allow for easier use at a glance.

This visual overhaul is in line with our goal of bringing Superbase squarely into the 2020s with easy to use, friendly UI that will be familiar not only to those that have been using Superbase for a long time but also to those new to Superbase.

3 thoughts on “An Updated Server Design”

  1. Nikolaus Hi Wanted to say thank you for mentioning my name in relation to the automatic backup functions and pleased to see that things are moving forward. Great news
    the last time we talked about the Gui Server I told you i had done a translation into French and sent you a copy if i remember rightly. I suggested doing just one version with English, French and German options for the wxmessagedialog messages …… do you remember ?? did you go any further with it ?
    Best regards Ian Mac

    1. Good Morning Ian,
      The Translation into French is present and we will be adding German, English, and maybe Spanish options as well when it will be released.

      1. Good morning Nikolaus great news Will you need any help for the extended form ? otherwise pleased to help with a beta once you are ready
        Have a good day Ian mac

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