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Minor Delay for the SIMPOL 1.8 Release

We know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting the SIMPOL Professional 1.8 release. We are working tirelessly to get it to you, but unfortunately there is a lot more to finish than we allowed for. We estimate it will take until the 7th of March before everything has been completed.
This time around we had not only to pick up and complete the work that was begun last September, we also had to go through and make copyright changes throughout the source code, we added numerous features that were requested, have been testing and either documenting or repairing, depending on time, various issues raised by our customers, and still are adding more examples and documentation to make this release easier than ever to use.
We will keep you posted on our progess, but rest assured, there is nothing on our current work schedule aside from delivering this release, and as soon as we can manage it, it will come out. On a separate note, we are also preparing the web shop to resume commerce, but until we have the new company in place that will manage the affairs of both SIMPOL and Superbase, we cannot set up bank accounts to handle sales. We have begun this proccess, but it may take a week or so before we are where we need to be.
Watch the Development blog for updates.
Please be patient with us :).

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