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SBNG Pre-Release 3b with More wxWidgets Components

Today the development team of SIMPOL and SBNG have released another intermediate version of SIMPOL and Superbase Next Generation. It is available for download to all registered users of the existing pre-release. This release adds tool bars, a grid control for forms, and a new set of common dialog functions based on wxWidgets, which deprecates the UTUI-based versions that were previously in the product. There is also two intermediate utilities: a record view client for viewing database tables in SBME format, and an import/export tool that supports importing from ASCII-Delimited, PPCS Type 1, and SBME, and exporting to ASCII-Delimited and SBME. These tools are works in progress, and will eventually be incorporated into a Superbase Next Generation Personal type of program. See the release notes for more information.

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