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Superbase NG 2.0 is Officially Released!

Superbase Software Limited is happy to announce that Superbase NG version 2.0, the successor to our SIMPOL Professional product has been released. The download is available free to existing owners of SIMPOL Professional, just login and it should be listed as a download on your account page. To purchase the product, visit the web shop at This release has a large number of changes and new features. Some of the highlights are:

  • New Graphic Report Designer and improvements to the underlying engine
  • New Selection Filter library (integrated in Superbase NG Personal but also available for user applications)
  • Various quality of life improvements in Superbase NG Personal, including:
    • Data views (field selections) being remembered for each table
    • Record view stores changes to the row heights for each table
    • Table view stores changes to the column widths for each table
    • There are now four most-recently used lists, one for tables, forms, print forms, and graphic reports
    • New Update feature that allows filtered updates to each record in a table
  • New consolelib.sml library for creating interactive console applications (great for early learning of the language or for teaching programming) and test program that demonstrates how to use it
  • For users of legacy Superbase, there is a new SIMPOL-language Superbase form conversion program that can also extract bitmaps embedded in the forms

There are a huge number of changes to the programming libraries that add ever more useful functionality. There are new features and improvements to existing features throughout the package. For all the information on what has changed, see the release notes. For access to all of the updated documentation, visit the SIMPOL Documentation Page.