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Superbase NG 2.0 Released!

Superbase Software Limited is pleased to announce that Superbase NG 2.0, the direct successor to SIMPOL Professional 1.83 and the spiritual successor to Superbase Classic has been released!
This release of Superbase NG has had numerous changes to it, both to the product and to the delivery of that product. This is the first release where we have been able to include the Graphic Report Designer as part of our Form Designer package. We have added features that make it easier to use for teaching programming at the entry level.
We redesigned the installation to be more compatible with Windows 10. To that end we removed the hundreds of Start Menu entries in subfolders (that were no longer supported properly by Windows 10), and in their place we created a launcher program that provides the list of examples and the ability to launch those examples in the IDE.
We have improved on the tools we ship to help convert legacy Superbase systems. The number of improvements, bug fixes, and additions are quite extensive, so the best place to get the full description is in the Release Notes and in the updated documentation.
In the coming weeks we will make Superbase NG 2.0 free for non-commercial use. A precise definition of that is coming, but basically, if you make money using Superbase NG, we would like to get paid too.
This release has been put through significant testing but no product is perfect. If you run across a problem, please feel free to post on the forums. If you don’t yet have access to the forums, then make sure you have registered and then let us know you need forum access by emailing to sup****@**
We would also like to thank our loyal users who have pushed the product to the limit and let us know when it has fallen, so that we could make a better product for all.
So have fun and let us hear from you on the forum.

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