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Superbase's New Owner Contracts Simpol Ltd for Management

Future Secured for Superbase Users

CAMBRIDGE, UK — June 1st , 2010 Simpol Ltd has been contracted by Papatuo Holdings Ltd to provide support, consultancy and training for Superbase®. Users can now be sure of on-going support for their Superbase-based systems. Superbase licenses and products can now be purchased from the Digital River website. Simpol are also offering a related range of paid support and professional services.
Whilst this renewed support for Superbase is welcome news to existing users, those wishing to migrate to current technology can take advantage of a planned, phased migration to a SIMPOL-based system.
SIMPOL, (originally conceived as Superbase International Multi-platform Object Language — now just SIMPOL), is the natural successor to Superbase, architected and built by the team who developed the last 5 Superbase products. SIMPOL provides an easy to use and learn cross-platform programming language, database engine and RAD tools.
“For those wishing to migrate from Superbase, SIMPOL offers the unique advantage of enabling a staged migration to current technology through the creation of a SIMPOL/Superbase hybrid; this reduces business risk and minimises disruption”, said Rosalind Shefford, CEO of Simpol Limited.
Neil Robinson, Technical Director of Simpol Ltd added, “This news is good for Superbase users, who are restricted by the fact that although Superbase  products run on most 32-bit Windows® systems; they will not run on 64-bit Windows®. SIMPOL has no such restriction.”

SIMPOL Professional, was launched in April 2009, so is stable and proven; it runs on Windows and Linux platforms with Mac® OS-X®support in development.



Simpol and SIMPOL are trademarks of Simpol Limited. All other brands or product names are the property of their respective holders. “Simpol” is used to represent Simpol Ltd; “SIMPOL” is used to represent the SIMPOL language, tools and infrastructure.

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