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SIMPOL Professional 1.8 Coming in October 2013

We originally intended this release for September 2013, but we had several difficult bugs reported that put us back a couple of weeks. In addition, we chose to add a Labels Designer mode to the Form Designer, so we will release not only the labels engine, but also a Labels Designer as part of this release. in addition, we still need to document the updated enhancements, and update the installers accordingly.
We apologize sincerely for the delay, but the only other option would have been to drop the release of the labels engine and deisgner for this release, and we are too close to completion to want to do that. The original announcement follows:
We have been working on various things for the coming release. Much of it is polishing what is already there. Naturally we also have some new things that will be coming as well. Some specific highlights include:

  • Labels engine
  • Program to pack SIMPOL programs into an EXE
  • New version of GUISimpolServer that runs the PPCS server as a service and provides a GUI to control it.
  • Improvements to the Linux support

We will explain in more detail when the release is ready.

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