Superbase NG 2.02 Released

Superbase Software Ltd strongly urges everyone who uses Superbase NG to upgrade to the latest release, version 2.02. We tracked down an issue that resulted in a change to a core function that is used throughout most of the product. For all the gory details, see the blog post on our development blog.

SIMPOL Professional 1.8 by February 28th, 2014

We know many of you have been waiting patiently for the SIMPOL Professional 1.8 update. The planned release of the product back in October was unable to go ahead because of the pending liquidation of Simpol Limited and insufficient time to complete the release. Now that the product is once again being developed, we are … Read more

SIMPOL Professional 1.73 Released

SIMPOL Limited is pleased to announce that SIMPOL Professional v1.73 has now been released. This is a maintenance release so much of the changes are bug fixes, however some new items have been added. The demo and the full installer have been updated, as have the online versions of the documentation. For those of you … Read more

Prototypes of the SIMPOL Development Kit Available

Prototypes of the SIMPOL Development Kit are available for testing and evaluation by competent developers or reviewers. If you are interested to join our community of SIMPOL Developers, please let us know. Please send an email to let us know your interests, programming experience and the products that you have developed. Please also tell us what types of … Read more