Superbase NG 2.06 Released

Superbase Software Limited is pleased to announce that Superbase NG 2.06 has been released. This is primarily a bug fix release that also contains a fix for code pages that are not 850 for PPCS access. The areas that were primarily affected have to do with improvements in Superbase NG Personal, as well as some … Read more

SIMPOL Professional v1.8 Is Now Available

Everyone at Papatuo Holdings Limited is very pleased to announce the release of SIMPOL Professional v.8. This is our first release since taking over the product and is the result of nearly one year’s worth of work between the previous owner and ourselves. This release contains a large number of significant improvements and changes. Some … Read more

SIMPOL Professional Pre-Release 4d Uploaded

A number of important improvements are a part of the latest release of the SIMPOL Professional, now in version Pre-Release 4d. This is a minor but important release and contains a number of important fixes to SIMPOL Desktop (Personal) as a result of customer feedback from the previous release (4c). This release is available for … Read more

SBNG Pre-Release 4 with Data-Aware Forms and the Initial Form Designer

Today the development team of SIMPOL have achieved a major milestone with the release of the first version of SIMPOL with the support for data-aware forms and a Form Designer. It also includes a SIMPOL Personal program to act as the host for the various tools. This program is very similar to the old Superbase programs … Read more

SBNG Pre-Release 3b with More wxWidgets Components

Today the development team of SIMPOL and SBNG have released another intermediate version of SIMPOL and Superbase Next Generation. It is available for download to all registered users of the existing pre-release. This release adds tool bars, a grid control for forms, and a new set of common dialog functions based on wxWidgets, which deprecates … Read more