Superbase NG 2.02 Released

Superbase Software Ltd strongly urges everyone who uses Superbase NG to upgrade to the latest release, version 2.02. We tracked down an issue that resulted in a change to a core function that is used throughout most of the product. For all the gory details, see the blog post on our development blog.

Superbase NG 2.01 Released

Superbase Software Limited is pleased to announce that Superbase NG 2.01 has been released. This is a bug fix release that contains a small amount of updated functionality. The areas that were primarily affected have to do with improvements in Superbase NG Personal, as well as some changes to the libraries. Also, the SIMPOL Business … Read more

Superbase NG 2.0 is Officially Released!

Superbase Software Limited is happy to announce that Superbase NG version 2.0, the successor to our SIMPOL Professional product has been released. The download is available free to existing owners of SIMPOL Professional, just login and it should be listed as a download on your account page. To purchase the product, visit the web shop … Read more

SIMPOL Professional v1.83 currently available

Superbase Software Limited is very pleased to announce the availability of SIMPOL Professional v.83. This release was made available in July of 2014 and represents the latest publicly available version of SIMPOL Professional. This release contains a large number of updates and fixes to the existing libraries. For all the information, see the release notes.

Superbase and SIMPOL Together Again

    SIMPOL is Superbase Papatuo Holdings Limited, the company that purchased the Superbase intellectual property when Superbase Developers plc was liquidated has also purchased the SIMPOL intellectual property upon the liquidation of Simpol Limited. It has taken quite a bit of time to get everything in place to bring a unified Superbase back to … Read more

Papatuo Holdings Limited Acquires the SIMPOL IP

The owners of Superbase are pleased to announce that they have successfully acquired the technology that was originally intended as the next generation Superbase product. We are currently preparing our plans for Superbase NG, which will be powered by SIMPOL. Watch this space…

SIMPOL Professional v1.8 Is Now Available

Everyone at Papatuo Holdings Limited is very pleased to announce the release of SIMPOL Professional v.8. This is our first release since taking over the product and is the result of nearly one year’s worth of work between the previous owner and ourselves. This release contains a large number of significant improvements and changes. Some … Read more

SIMPOL 1.8 Release Nearly Complete

For those of you who haven’t been following the development blog, we have run into a few issues getting the next release out. We will announce it here as soon as it is ready, but for those who want to follow the progress, please read the daily annnouncements on the development blog. We are nearly … Read more